The OCP is FSC’s new Online Claims Platform for all FSC Certificate Holders.

What is the OCP?

The OCP is the new Online Claims Platform. It is a digital tool that provides timely information about FSC® products and the organizations that produce them. The OCP supports administration of FSC chain of custody as well as providing information to validate FSC product claims. The OCP is free of charge to certificate holders.
With the OCP users can digitally connect to their FSC certified suppliers and customers. This allows for automatic updates to be sent when suppliers FSC scope and status changes. Users can also enter the FSC certified transactions for products they receive or sell and have these claims swiftly confirmed by their trading partners as accurate, all on a secure internet platform meeting the highest security standards . Further, summary reports on volumes sold and purchased as well as information on species and country of harvest can be automatically compiled and downloaded.

The OCP is a voluntary tool FSC certificate holders can use to meet many present and coming FSC chain of custody requirements.

Using the OCP can streamline many of the administrative burdens for managing a certificate. FSC is also identifying further ways larger parts of the CoC standard can be automatically met when the OCP is used.

These changes should lead to time savings on administration and auditing processes, while building a more robust FSC system.

Watch our short animation that introduces the OCP.

How it works

Users have the option to decide how to use the OCP. The tool can be used for volume or claim verification, automatically checking the certification status of FSC certified organizations, assisting with CoC administration, or supporting EUTR compliance. The revised CoC standard will not require you to use the OCP. But it will contain requirements, which will call for you to consolidate claims between you and your business relations. This can be done through OCP or through other methods like integrated IT systems, manual comparison or third party developed software.

If you want to use the OCP, you will need to establish an account and to benefit from its full features, you will need to connect to your suppliers and/or customers. Once connected, you will then receive automatic updates on the certification status with those with whom you are connected.

When you receive FSC certified products from a supplier, you then need to enter the FSC claim information from the invoice into the OCP. The supplier is notified when this has happened and can check that the details are correct before digitally confirming the claim. This way both parties can be confident that the claim of FSC certification is accurate.

FSC customers can enter the FSC claim in one of three ways: either manually, or through an OCP pre-formatted spreadsheet or by linking their IT system to the OCP so that the information is collected automatically.

Watch the short how-to video to learn how the OCP works.

OCP – a tool to support CoC

The OCP is a tool to help you comply with new requirements to be included in the revised FSC CoC standard (FSC-STD-40-004 v.) The requirements are put into place to close an existing gap within the FSC chain of custody system. The gap consists in the fact that the precise volumes of FSC certified forest products traded are not being compared between trading parties within the chain of custody system. The current standards and processes, along with the large number of trading records, do not enable either certification bodies or ASI to detect discrepancies in the volumes reported by buyers and then used for ”volume credits,” whether caused intentionally or through negligence.  The next version of the CoC standard will close this gap by introducing new requirements for claim verification. OCP is a voluntary tool offered to help companies meet these new requirements.

The OCP also offer suppliers and customers additional useful features:

  • Automated overviews of FSC transaction details and volume summaries
  • Ability to “follow” the status of any certified business and get direct real-time notification, if their certification status changes.
  • Ability to view country of harvest and species information which will help companies comply with trade obligations, such as the EU Timber Regulation and the US Lacey Act
  • Full data-security protection
  • First steps on the path to a paperless CoC system

This is only the very beginning for the OCP. Once you are logged on and using it, please tell us which features you would like to see more of and how it could work better so that together we can create a tool that is useful for everyone involved.

For more information please see our FAQ’s

What do I need to do when?

The OCP is ready for those who want to use it. Click the “Use the OCP” button above. If you are not certified and wish to preview the platform, please email for access.

The use of the OCP is voluntary.

However, FSC’s current standards and processes do not enable either certification bodies or ASI to detect discrepancies in the volumes reported by buyers and then used for ”volume credits,” whether caused intentionally or through negligence. FSC considers the OCP to be one potentially effective instrument to address these system gaps and ensure compliance with the present and future chain of custody (CoC) administrative requirements, and for that reason the FSC has developed the OCP.  But FSC also recognizes that there may be other systems available now and in the future.

If you are interested in periodic updated on the OCP development, you can sign up for direct email updates at

Make sure the platform works for you

FSC is open to all feedback on how the system is working so that improvements can be made during the course of its development. Please contact us with any views and ideas that you’d like to see incorporated.