For 20 years, FSC has cared about the environment, forests, their communities, indigenous peoples and species.

Why are we introducing the OCP?

The FSC® label is a globally recognized symbol of trust and integrity. When a wood and paper product carries the FSC logo, the customer knows it has come from responsible sources.
Over the last 20 years, FSC has certified more than 28,000 different organisations, from those who grow the trees, to those who sell the final product and everyone in between. With thousands of companies, millions of hectares of forests and billions of dollars worth of certified products in the FSC system, it can be easy to forget a simple truth: FSC’s collective success depends on the integrity of the FSC brand. No system is foolproof and the FSC system is no different. We know that there have been cases where alleged FSC products have been found to not be FSC certified, causing financial and reputational problems for the companies selling these products
The FSC certificates worldwide cover billions of dollars worth of transactions every year. With such a huge volume of transactions to monitor, FSC need to ensure that the FSC label can be trusted and that there are no easy ways to defraud the system. With the coming revised CoC standard certified companies will be required to start comparing transactional data across companies to ensure that volumes match.
In order to help companies comply with the new requirements, it makes sense for FSC to introduce a digital tool. A system that can confirm the transactions made between FSC customers and suppliers, because those are connections worth protecting.
Besides helping companies comply with new rules to ensure the credibility and integrity of the FSC system for the future and thereby also your FSC certificate, the OCP brings business solutions with it, which are intended to reduce the administrative burden of Chain of Custody certification requirements (FSC-STD-40-004). See more about these tools in our FAQ’s.

How will the OCP maintain the integrity of FSC?

Because all claims made on the OCP will be automatically checked against FSC certificate data and verified by both parties, it is a thorough means of confirming the FSC credentials of a consignment as it moves down the supply chain. If any discrepancies arise, these will be highlighted by the system and can be remedied.
The OCP makes it possible for companies within a supply chain to verify each others’ FSC claims without the FSC or any other sections of the supply chain being privy to the full chain of custody information. It will ensure a higher level of traceability and integrity than today.

What do you need to do?

As a customer or supplier you need to find out whether you wish to use the OCP system to manage your CoC certificate and fulfill new requirements. If you don’t, in 2016 you and your business partners will need to find alternative methods to comply with the coming requirements and have your methods approved by your certification body. The revised standard requires for the two parties to reach an agreement on what method to use.

If you wish to use the OCP, you need to register for your OCP account and connect with your suppliers. You can also choose to just “follow” the certification status of companies instead of connecting to them. Either way you will be notified, if their certificate changes, expires or is suspended. However only connecting to another organization a company will allow you to be able to verify claims.
Once you have established your OCP account you can input the information from your suppliers’ invoices into the system. This will then automatically be sent to your supplier for verification and once it is approved, the claim will be registered on both accounts.
If your supplier does not use the OCP actively but only has an account, because you wish for them to, then your claims made against them is auto-accepted, and then used by their CB to compare with their own internal records.
For more information please see our FAQ’s.